Communication and Journalism (Bullet Points)

  1. Defining Communication 
  2. Objectives of Communication
  3. Communication Function
  4. The Communication Process
  5. 7 C's of Communication '
  6. Ten Commandments of Good Communication
  7. Significance of language of mass communication (The Indian Context)
  8. Why Should Communication help in the growth of a developing country like India
  9. How can Communication help in the growth developing country like India
  10. Communication Models
  11. Mass Communication Models 
  12. Five Revolutions of Communication 
  13. Why Communication is Basic to Human Social Organisation 
  14. Classification of Communication 
  15. Communication Channel and Network
  16. Burning Issues in Communication
  17. Communication Mix
  18. Mass Communication and Culture
  19. Theories of  Mass Communication
  20. Nature of Communication
  21. Mass Communication and enthography 
  22. Journalism
  23. Canons of Journalism
  24. Journalism and Ethics 
  25. Classification of Journalist and Correspondents 
  26. Mass Communication in India : Reach, access and Nature of the audience 

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